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Self Cleaning Filters

Auto Backflush Type Self Cleaning Filter Housing

Auto Backflush Type Self Cleaning filter is constructed of filter housing, filter element, back flushing valve, differential pressure gauge, differential pressure switch, dust Extraction assembly, geared motor with sensor and control panel. Filter housing can be offered in variety of materials such as various grades of stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy metal. Filter element can also be offered in wedge wire, multi layered wiremesh, and plain wiremesh configuration, depending upon process requirement. These filters can offer filtration level starting from 1 micron to 2000 micron. They are designed to deliver flow rate up to 2000 m3/hr or even more than that with parallel configuration.

Auto Backwash Self Cleaning Filters

Auto self cleaning filters are designed for flow direction from inside to outside. Contaminated fluid enters into the filter housing through the inlet connection. It passes throughout the inner surface of the filter element, where suspended particles of defined micron rating are retained inside & clear filtered material comes out from filter housing through the outlet connection. Suspended particles are retained inside filter element which creates a layer of debris, resulting in an increase in differential pressure.

Back Washing/Cleaning: -

Filter element cleaning mechanism constructed of dust extraction assembly, which rotates inside the surface of filter element &moves upward‐ downward to ensure proper cleaning of filter element throughout the area. Dust extraction assembly is constructed of precisely designed nozzles at pre‐defined distance from filter element surface. Such nozzles are equally placed perpendicular with center pipe, which rotates with the help of geared motor at defined speed. Dust extraction assembly is also connected with back flush valve that has finally open end to the atmosphere. Once differential pressure reaches to its pre set level, control panel send signal to back flushing valve to open. With pressure difference within filter element & atmospheric pressure outside, it creates high suction inside the filter element. Due to this suction pressure, debris/cake deposited on element surface is pulled out through nozzles & finally discharge from filter housing through flushing line. With high velocity of water within nozzle create a jet pressure to remove sticky cake deposition even with small opening. This entire process of back flushing completed within 30 – 60 seconds depends upon size of filter element.

  • Simple operation of filtration.
  • Easy process of Backwash / Back flush.
  • Less wastage of water for cleaning.
  • No consumable cost.
  • Minimum manual intervention.
  • Uninterrupted through out all time, even during back flushing.
  • Can handle high suspended load.
Applications :-
Domestic water supply Tooth Paste
Reverse osmosis Glycol
Softening Cooling water
Ion exchange Reclaimed water
Oil field Ground water
Paint & Inks Surface water removal
Solvents Boiler backwater
Chemicals Swimming pools
Latex Landscape water
Adhesive Green spray
Lubricants Agriculture irrigation water
Scrapper Mechanism Type Self Cleaning Filter Housing

Scrapper Mechanism Self Cleaning Filters are widely used for continuous filtration requirements without any replacement of Filter Consumables and Exposure of operators. Like auto backwash filter, Scrapper Mechanism Self Cleaning is used for preliminary filtration following the same principle of differential pressure; the only difference is, it is used for applications where back washing medium is not available. In other words, Scrapper Mechanism Self Cleaning Filter is used where in one cannot introduce any additional substance for back washing.

Scrapper Type Self Cleaning Filters

The medium to be cleaned is guided into the filter by inlet, which passes from inside to outside through the cartridge gap. After filtration, the filtered fluid exits the filter housing from the top, opposite to the inlet connection and the bigger solids are separated on the surface of the triangular cartridge wires. When it runs for a certain time, the cartridge gap gets plugged up by impurities and meanwhile the differential pressure reaches its pre-set value. Then PLC inspects the signal and sends out the indication. The gear motor drives the scraper and the particles or agglomerates are skimmed from the surface, thereby keeping the function of cartridge well and keeping the cartridge gap clean.

When the impurities at the bottom of the filter increases, the drain valve opens up and the impurities are emptied successfully, which makes the system pressure achieve normality. Because of well-set position and optimum scraping angle, the rotational scraper drains off the impurities from the filter with the help of the gear motor. This avoids the burden of taking apart the cartridge and washing it, which results into successful filtration of the medium. The scraper system contains stator, PTFE scraper and spring, which are designed for automatic cleaning, and especially for the reasonable spring pressure, maximally reducing the cartridge's abrasion.


Scrapper mechanism type self-cleaning filter is constructed of filter housings, filter elements, drain valve, and PLC controller. Filter housings can be offered in various materials of construction such as various grades of stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy metal. Filter elements can be offered with wedge wire, sintered multi-layer wire mesh, plain wire mesh and sintered metal powder configuration. The selection is based on the requirement of filtration quality.

Features & Benefits:-
  • Because of automatic continuous on-line filtration, the filtration process becomes smooth.
  • The gear motor runs against the spring actuated scraper and the concentrated solids are drained off by the system, thereby keeping the function of the cartridge well.
  • PLC control function means differential-pressure cleaning, scheduling of cleaning process and manual cleaning. The differential-pressure is an important parameter for operation and can be connected with the central control room.
  • Validated by practice, this filtration process is highly effective and using the wedge cartridge, it can be easily cleaned with less abrasion.
  • In many fields, this filter can replace the traditional filters like sand filters, Filter press etc.
Applications :-
Domestic water supply Tooth Paste
Reverse osmosis Glycol
Softening Cooling water
Ion exchange Reclaimed water
Oil field Ground water
Paint & Inks Surface water removal
Solvents Boiler backwater
Chemicals Swimming pools
Latex Landscape water
Adhesive Green spray
Lubricants Agriculture irrigation water
Sparkler Filters: -
Sparkler Filter Press at ABISL :

Sparkler Filter Press manufactured by us at ABISL Equipments boasts of the advanced quality-controlled procedure supervised by verified and skilled professionals.

It does the work of filtering liquid substance from solid substance at a wider scale. It is used in several industries such as food and beverages oriented Pharmaceuticals, chemical factories, distilleries, etc. However, the Pharmaceuticalsceutical industry has more demand over these products as they need authentic equipment by specific Pharmaceuticalsceutical oriented manufacturers.

Sparkler Filter
Functioning Of Sparkler Filter Press Function

The basic function of a Sparkler Filter Press follows the given procedure while functioning:

  • Liquid is first pumped through a central channel of a cartridge from the bottom of the model.
  • Suspended particles are then retained on filter plates that have the filter media on top of it.
  • Peripheral holes present of platen then help to clean filtrate accumulated into the tank.
  • The rest of the liquid then emerges out of the outlet present at the bottom.
  • The best feature of this equipment is that there is never any contact between the wall of the filter tank and the un-filtered liquid.
Sparkler Filter Press follows
Features offered by ABISL Pharmaceuticals Equipment

Pharmaceuticalsceutical products need to be produced in a very complex and regulated manner under a controlled environment.

  • We take utmost care to provide best services for Pharmaceuticalsceutical industries and Pharmaceuticalsceutical oriented devices.
  • We satisfy all our customers and also deliver them what they need according to what has been promised.
  • The entire procedure is carefully planned. The filter zero hold up is done without any kind of scavenging operation.
  • The filter plate cartridge is both swiftly and easily removable.
  • Certain models have potentially a working pressure that is higher than the normal rate according to customer demand and customization.
  • The models are manufactured according to different technical specifications for better interface of our customers visiting our website. The sparkler device that operates on the basis of filter press is very similar to the Zero Hold Up Filter press because it follows a similar principle function but some of their functions have been altered to provide different kind of results.

    Note:- We provide all the equipments in SS304, SS316, SS316L & MS contact / Non Contact.